Hacks on Imp

Translation by Michael Dorrity

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Herausgegeben von der Gesellschaft für Wissenschaft und Kultur Deutschlands 2020 in der Schriftenreihe Perspektive Internationale


The poet Peter Hacks has used all the craft of language to stand up for socialism throughout his life (1928–2003). His writings are not only sharp commentaries and trenchant critiques of the events of his time but simultaneously a piercing analysis

of the systematic inequalities of global capitalism. Hacks’ is a precise wit exposing the inherent contradictions of our current predicament. He both helps and delights with his political writings and poems – here for the first time in English.

  • On the war of aggression in Vietnam (1965)
  • “A revolution against the state?” (This and seven further questions, 1968)
  • Georg Nostradamus or The Predictions of Professor Fülberth (2000)
  • Conflicts at the Wailing Wall (2001)
  • Literature in the Time of Science (1959, excerpt)
  • Approaches to Post-revolutionary Dramaturgy (1966, excerpt from the prologue to the essay collection “The Poetic”)
  • Art and Revolution (1971)
  • Saving Christianity from the Christians (1972, excerpt from “On ‘Adam and Eve’”)
  • The Latest from Biermann (1976)
  • Sound economy - Aesthetic-economic Fragments (1987, excerpt)
  • Left-wing Art (2001)
  • Taken from written legacy: Note on young writers in the GDR (undated)
  • How are things in Socialism’s public offices?] (1976, excerpt from “The German alexandrine metre – On ‘Prexaspes’”)
  • The little men with their ballheads (1988)
  • Letter to a lady in Paris about a place called Germany (1989)
  • The worst socialism is still better than the best capitalism (1992, excerpt from an interview)
  • This task before us: The restoration of a revolution cut short (1998)
  • The Names of the Left (2000)
  • In the end they even understand it (2003, excerpt)
  • Poems, Distichs, Couplets